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When it comes to Cold Weather Testing: We’re the Place
An aircraft gets tested against Fairbanks cold winter temperatures
Click for larger image
An aircraft gets tested
against Fairbanks cold
winter temperatures
Photo credit: Alaska Aerofuel
The Interior of Alaska consistently has some of the coldest winter temperatures in North America. This makes the area an ideal “virtual” laboratory for Cold Weather Testing and Research. Manufacturers of vehicles, parts, aircraft, snowmobiles, and clothing find Fairbanks to be a superior cold weather testing locale. As well as researching home energy efficiency.

Extreme Weather Test Facilities
The faculty and staff at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks has an impressive portfolio of individuals with extensive credentials in the area of cold weather testing and research. The Alaska Climate Research Center located at the international arctic research center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, focuses on the climatology of Alaska and Polar Regions.

The U.S. Military uses Alaska’s  interior as a training ground for their both their soldiers and equipment. The Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory, located on Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks, has facilities ranging from a 300 foot permafrost tunnel to cold rooms with a temperature range from –30° F  to + 70° F. The Cold Regions Test Center, located at Fort Greely, Alaska has an extensive array of test facilities, and a staff experienced in all aspects of cold weather testing.

Cold weather brings high demand for efficient housing. The Cold Climate Housing Research Center in collaboration with UAF, develops and tests building products used in construction. They are also testing various road construction techniques for arctic conditions.

If you would like to learn more about cold climate research or how to be more energy efficient in Fairbanks cold climate, here are some links that are also related to cold climate testing and energy efficiency.

Alaska Building Science Network

Alaska Energy Authority

Alaska Energy and Housing

Arctic Energy Alliance

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service

Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Yuma Proving Ground: Cold Regions Test Center


Amenities, Lifestyle & Entertainment After a long day of testing, a wide range of hotels, restaurants, recreational and cultural activities are available to the individuals involved in the testing programs. The activities available range from a soothing sauna or hot tub to collegiate hockey, basketball, and access to cross country or alpine skiing facilities. For more detailed information click here.

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