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Global Trade

Global Trade
Fairbanks is within 8 hours of
Asia & Europe and commercial
centers in the Northern Hemisphere
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Fairbanks Economic Development

Alaska is strategically situated to be an active partner in your global trade. Asia, Europe and Northern Hemisphere commercial centers are within 8 hours or less flight time. We are within 8 1/2 hours of 95% of the industrialized World. We are strategically located to provide logistical support, parts storage, fuel, and cold weather testing. Since the seventies, Fairbanks has been a refueling stop for international air cargo flights due to its global position and the availability of competitively priced jet fuel from local refineries.

The airport and community offer an attractive prime global position, central location in the State, competitive fuel prices, and a skilled labor force. Additionally, the University of Alaska,-Anchorage has created a global logistics degree program in response to Alaska's growing air cargo transportation industry. The Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation and the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau (FCVB) are jointly contacting tourism air charter companies in Europe and Asia to attract potential new visitors.

Source: Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation.

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