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Getting to Fairbanks has changed a lot in our 100 year history. In the early days, sternwheeler riverboats and dog sleds were the normal ways to get to the Interior. Now, visitors to Fairbanks have the luxury of arriving by car, rail, or air  (this includes everything from large ocean-crossing jets to small prop commuter planes).
AKRR Fall Colors
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Fairbanks International Airport
Photo credit: Fairbanks International Airport

Access by air: Multiple domestic flights arrive  at the Fairbanks International Airport daily. Alaska Airlines is the carrier with the most frequent flights to Fairbanks. Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines offer direct flights to the lower 48 from Fairbanks on a seasonal basis. With Fairbanks close to Europe and Asia, international flights carry passengers to and from Fairbanks. Condor makes the once-weekly eight-hour flight in the summer months from Frankfurt, Germany.  Locals take advantage of this close relationship and fill the seats going the opposite direction. Fairbanks is also served by a dedicated group of smaller commuter airlines, many of which fly to remote communities that cannot otherwise be reached by road. Air North (which also travels to Vancouver), Era Aviation, and Frontier Flying Service fly to rural communities around the state of Alaska. This robust service makes Fairbanks the ideal spot from which to explore rural Alaska.

AKRR Fall Colors
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Alaska Railroad and Fall colors
Photo credit:
Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau/Courtesy of Alaska Railroad

Access by rail: If you are looking for a more scenic, leisurely experience, consider taking the Alaska Railroad to Fairbanks. As the northern terminus of the Alaska Railroad, Fairbanks enjoys daily service to and from southern stops such as Denali National Park, Anchorage and the other communities along the way.

Access by car/camper/RV: Vehicle transport is still a popular way to arr
All roads lead to Fairbanks
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All roads lead to Fairbanks!
Photo credit: David Hayter
ive in Fairbanks. The Richardson Highway connects Fairbanks to other Alaskan destinations such as Delta Junction (2 hrs.), Tok (4 hrs.) and Valdez (8 hrs.). Fairbanks is connected to Denali National Park (2 hrs.) and Anchorage (7 hrs.) via the Parks Highway. If you're coming south from northern communities, you'll no doubt want to visit Fairbanks by way of the Steese and Elliot Highways. Road conditions are generally good in the spring, summer and autumn. Winter travelers will want to use more caution and consult the
Alaska State Department of Transportation for updates on road conditions during the winter months.

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Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau web site on this topic!
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