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Cost of Living
A typical "starter" home in Fairbanks
Click here for larger image
A typical "starter" home
in Fairbanks

Photo credit: Beth Deutsche
Fairbanks' cost of living is lower than most other Alaskan communities. From a national standpoint, it has a similar cost of living to Boston, Massachusetts. To see what the current gas prices are in Fairbanks click here

Fairbanks has competitive chain grocery stores, (Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Wal-Mart), which helps keeps prices low. There is also a large variety of products to choose from, for people who are food enthusiasts. If you are interested in finding out what the average family of four spends on food weekly look in the most current Fairbanks North Star Borough CRC Quarterly.

Often, finding safe, comfortable, affordable housing, is critical for a successful transition to a new community. Fairbanks offers just that. Homes can be found both in and outside the Fairbanks city limits. For most people who live outside the Fairbanks city limits, their commute to work can take them generally at the most 10 to 20 minutes. There is also the option of renting, house rentals do not generally include utilities. For information on rentals in Fairbanks, click here.

Buying a Home
If you are interested in buying a property, there are many sizes and locations to chose from both in and around Fairbanks.   For information on homes in Fairbanks,
as well as Financing a home, click here.

Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce can assist you with finding businesses that will help you find answers to any additional cost of living questions you may have. For a more comprehensive look at the cost of living in Fairbanks, visit the Fairbanks North Star Borough Community Research Center web site and read its Fairbanks Community Research Quarterly document.

Rate Fairbanks' affordability against other great cities here.

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