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A Great Place to Raise a Family

We Invest in our Children

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Fairbanks is a great place to raise a family
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Fairbanks is a community that cares about kids. This can be seen in the Fairbanks North Star Borough Early Childhood Development Commission's Grow Better Kids campaign that explains how parents can follow seven simple steps to help their kids become the best they can be - socially, emotionally and intellectually. A big part of the Grow Better Kids initiative is the Hearts for Kids pilot project designed to significantly improve the quality of childcare in our community. Let us know what you think. The Borough's Child Care Assistance office may be able to help with financial assistance for childcare. For more information about these programs, visit Alaska Family.

Superior Schools
Fairbanks also cultivates superior students. Consider the facts*:
  •  Our district wide average class size is 24 students per class in grades K-12.

  •  52% of our K-12 teachers have master's degrees.

  •  A higher percentage of our total budget is spent on instruction and pupil  support and less on administration than the statewide average
  • .
  •  84.5% of our seniors graduated last year and many had the opportunity to  attend a top-drawer University (the University of Alaska, Fairbanks) right  here in our community.
Like what you see? Visit our Education page to learn more about education in the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Youth Sports & Recreation
When they're not learning, our kids are playing. Fairbanks kids have the opportunity to participate in a variety of youth sports, ranging from basketball, to hockey, to soccer and everything in between. Our Boys and Girls Club, Campfire, Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts and other youth activity programs make sure our kids always have something to do.

Youth Activities

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Greater Fairbanks Area

Boy Scouts, Midnight Sun Council

Boys & Girls Club of the Tanana Valley

Campfire USA Alaska Council

Churches in Fairbanks

Fairbanks Drama Association

Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre

Fairbanks North Star Borough Youth Commission

Girl Scouts, Farthest North Council

Joel's Place

Young Life

Kid Alaska Links

*Source: Fairbanks North Star Borough School District website (fingertip facts)

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