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Find and plan activities: We have a lot going on!

Rafting Denali
Click for larger image
Rafting Denali
Photo credit: Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau/Courtesy
Denali Outdoor Center

  Fairbanks is a place where adventure doesn't       have to be week long trip, what's great about living here is that we are able to go out for the day or a weekend and go hiking, canoeing, camping, fishing, or even hunting! But there so is much more things to do to make your experience here an adventure as well as making great memories, that you can share with your friends when you go back home that will make them envy you! There are activities and community events happening through out the year that locals and travelers alike attend, yes even in the winter! To get detailed information on tours and other activities in and around Fairbanks the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau can help you.

No matter the season, there’s always something going on in Fairbanks! During the winter months, Fairbanks comes alive with cultural activities such as theater, concerts and gallery openings, as well as sporting events. With Fairbanks' location, darkness and clear skies it is a perfect location for viewing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Fairbanks also offers world-class cross country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding, skijoring, dog mushing, snow machining and backcountry skiing. Premier ice climbing can also be found within a short driving distance. When you’re ready to warm up after a long-day outside, enjoy a fine meal and take a dip in one of our hot springs under the stars. If hot springs aren’t your thing, take in a hockey or basketball game at one of our local sporting venues! 

March in Fairbanks signals the return of the light (12 hours by the equinox) as well as Fairbanks Winter Carnival! This is the time to take in idyllic winter weather, ice carving championships, amateur dog mushing races before the snow melts and the buds on the trees pop out.


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Visitors and locals view classic cars in Downtown Fairbanks during the Midnight Sun Street Festival
Photo credit: Beth Deutsche
The long days of summer (reaching just over 21 hours during late June) inspire visitors to explore Fairbanks. View Fairbanks and the surrounding area by riverboat, hot air balloon, train, plane, car, or bus. Visit a botanical garden. Pan for gold. If you’re here for the summer solstice (June 21st), enjoy our solstice carnival downtown. Take in a baseball game under the midnight sun or participate in the Midnight Sun Run (with or without funny costume). If you’re here during our Golden Days celebration the third week of July “try your luck” (betting on) a Rubber Duck during our Rubber Ducky Race held in the Chena River. Watch or participate in a unique river regatta of floating vessels created from various bits of trash and held together by duct tape. Oh, and don’t miss the parade that meanders along the river and downtown streets! If you’re here in early August, be sure to visit the Tanana Valley State Fair, complete with amusement rides, booths, a petting zoo, incredible food (that can only be found at the Fair) and of course, some of the largest cabbages you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Fairbanks is a jumping off point for backcountry adventure in the region
Click for larger image
Fairbanks is a jumping off point
for backcountry adventures in
the region
Photo credit: Doug Sims
The truly lucky visitors are able to to take in Fairbanks during the autumn months. The intense gold color of birch leaves paired with the bluebird skies above take one’s breath away. This is a fantastic time to explore the backcountry around Fairbanks, hiking, picking berries and hunting moose or other wild game. For the stout of heart, the annual Equinox Marathon, over 26 miles of incredible scenery (as well as a vertical rise of approx. 2,000 feet) is held in late September.

No matter the season or month, the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau can help you plan your trip. Visit or call (1-800-327-5774) for more information.

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