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Traveling on a budget$$

Numerous campgrounds can be found in and around Fairbanks
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Numerous campgrounds can be found in and around Fairbanks
Photo credit: Beth Deutsche
Looking for an Alaskan adventure on a shoestring budget? Search no more!
Come to Fairbanks!! There are plenty of ways to make your trip to Fairbanks more affordable.

Accommodations: Fairbanks offers many campgrounds both in and around town. Most campgrounds charge a nominal fee and offer areas for cooking, dining as well as restrooms. Many campgrounds are not open year-round so be sure to check with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, FNSB Parks and Recreation, or the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau. We also have two year-round youth hostels—perfect places to meet other travelers and compare notes! But if you would rather stay someplace where you can feel more at home, a hotel or a bed and breakfast can accommodate you and your party. The rates for hotel rooms are often 50% less in the off season (mid September through mid May) than during summer months. If you would like to explore more options the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Borough has more information.

Good eats: It’s easy to find great food in Fairbanks that doesn’t cost a lot.There are so many options to chose from in Fairbanks, American, Barbecue, Chinese, Korean, Italian,  Mexican, Thai, ask a local what their favorite place to go and eat, restaurants filled with locals are known to be good.  Go during lunch at local restaurants to get a great meal for lunch menu prices if your on a budget but still want to indulge. If you really want to get your moneys worth, it might be best to go to a grocery store and pick up food supplies to make your own meals.

Getting around: We have has several taxi services as well as a reliable, clean and inexpensive public bus system.  For the more independent traveler there are  car and RV rentals available. For a fun adventure
Alaska Outdoor Rental and Guides rents bicycles, canoes, and Kayaks.

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